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Welcome to the Department of Theatre Arts 

The Department of Theatre Arts supports the missions of Utah State University and the Caine College of the Arts by cultivating artistic and academic excellence, by contributing to the cultural enrichment of the university and surrounding communities through live theatre production and by fostering respect for the arts through advocacy andprofessionalism. We assist undergraduate and gradute theatre students in acquiring and developing the tools they need in order to succeed in their future pursuits by:

  • Giving them a foundation based on a broad theoretical and working knowledge of the theatre.
  • Providing advanced training in their chosen area emphasis.
  • Offering performance and production activities that provide students with practical experience in their chosen field while challenging them to engage in a complex and diverse world.

Caine College of the Arts Mission Statement

The Caine College of the Arts serves the people of the State of Utah and supports the mission of Utah State University by cultivating artistic and academic excellence, by preparing our students to realize their full creative potential as artists and citizens, by increasing the visibility of the college and university, and by fostering professionalism and collegial relationships in all aspects of our operations. As a community of artists and scholars, we will:

  • Identify, attract and retain exceptional students as majors and strive to keep financial considerations from limiting their success.
  • Create, explore, and develop opportunities to expand the funding base of the college.
  • Nurture an artistic and intellectual environment that embraces diversity and is welcoming to all.
  • Attract and retain an outstanding faculty of artists and scholars through competitive compensation, enhanced support for professional endeavors, and recognition for excellence.
  • Provide high quality arts experiences for all USU students.
  • Serve, enrich, and engage the community by presenting highly visible arts programming.
  • Engage in dynamic partnerships to secure the future of arts education.
  • Enhance the visibility of students and faculty through media exposure, performance tours, and traveling exhibitions.
  • Adopt innovative financial models and practice responsible stewardship of resources.
  • Foster a culture of inclusive decision-making, transparency, and productive relationships across departmental and university boundaries.